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Sep. 2016 - Jun. 2017

An individual project that looks into plans that have been drawn up for extra-terrestrial colonisation and the resources required to complete such a feat.

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Sep. 2017 - Jun. 2018

A website where people across the world can add phrases of their native language and view the contributions of phrases by other users.

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Sep. 2018 - Dec. 2018

3D model of DMT model car design

A team project involving the construction of a model car that is propelled by a weight and can traverse a ramp that is of 5 metres in length.

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Sep. 2019 - Dec. 2019

3D model of 3-axes positioning system design

A team project involving the design of a 3-axes positioning system for a laser surface hardening machine.

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Sep. 2020 - Dec. 2020

3D model of the test rig design

A team project involving the design of a test rig capable of testing the effectiveness of medical face masks.

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Sep. 2020 - May 2021

Main menu of programmed software

An undergraduate dissertation exploring effective teaching methods of programming as well as the obstacles that future engineers currently in secondary schools may have when attempting to learn to program.

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Sep. 2021 - May 2022

3D model of solar panel cleaner design

A group project involving the design and manufacture of a robot that is capable of cleaning solar panels on an offshore solar farm.

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